Let BL Entertainment create the most magical wedding experience you could imagine! With lighting to create intimate and ambient atmospheres for your perfect day. Whether it be country and crazy themed or a traditional ceremony and/or reception, BL Entertainment are able to cater to any. With our skills behind the lighting desk and sound desk, we are able to work with you to create the magic you are wanting. Want more information or would like to get a quote, feel free to contact us, or use our tailored quote form!

Have a function or a birthday coming up? You’re looking in the correct place! BL Entertainment are able to create the fun and feel that you want to create. For a birthday, we are able to provide the disco lights and party rock anthems. For a function, we are able to create anything you desire whether it be for fun or for business. Contact us for more information or use our tailored quote form!

Whether you are performing a one man show or a large scale production, BL Entertainment have the services and skills to help create a memorable performance. Your audience members will be captivated through our lighting design and sound quality. With their expertise and professionalism, BL Entertainment will help you create the show you desire and amaze your audience together. Contact us for more information or a quote!

Do you want to record your music? Or do you want to record your regular podcast? Or you may even want to record a voice over for a little project you have? BL Entertainment have the space away from distractions on Melbourne Road, Ballarat. With our equipment, experience and skills, we will work together with you to create the recordings you desire. Feel free to contact us for more information on our equipment and bookings! Click here for your tailored quote form!